• Kelly Mantoan

Self-Care for Special Needs Moms

Articles about self-care seem to be everywhere these days. Most of us can agree that taking care of ourselves in order to better serve our families is a given, yet many of us still struggle with how to actually schedule the time our body needs to relax and refuel. As a special needs mom, the demands on our time (and sanity) are all the greater. In addition to the usual needs of our homes, jobs, and families, we’re often juggling additional doctor and therapy appointments, emergency hospital visits, plus managing tasks our children are unable to do for themselves.    

It can seem at times that we only exist as caregivers; the person we were before our children were born has been forgotten under a growing mountain of daily tasks.It can be easy to continue down this path, letting each day go by, pushing our own needs to the edges and collapsing into bed exhausted each night. But we can’t keep it up forever; eventually something has to give. Maybe you’ve reached the end of your rope, maybe you are struggling with depression, maybe your marriage is in trouble, maybe you are constantly angry at your child and feeling resentment towards him and his needs. Or maybe you feel yourself slipping away and you’re looking to help yourself before things get worse.

There is no wrong time to start practicing self-care. The worst thing you can do is try to avoid it all together. - from 'Self-Care for Special Needs Moms'

Are you struggling with physical, mental, and spiritual burnout related to your vocation as a special needs mom? I've created a workbook just for you. It will walk you through the steps you need to take to care for yourself, so you can be the best wife, mother, and caregiver for your family. In order to reach the largest possible audience (and hopefully grow this ministry) I've partnered with Ultimate Bundles to launch this new resource as part of the Ultimate Women's Wellness Bundle. You can preview a portion of the workbook below.

When you purchase the bundle through my affiliate link, you will also get access to all the talks from our 2019 'Accepting the Gift' conference FREE. That's the workbook, 10 talks, plus 75+ resources designed to improve your health and wellness for only $37. You can click the button to purchase or just learn more about the wide variety of products available. (The 'Medical Binder: Get Organized Once and For All' by Ali Chovanec may be of particular interest.) Your purchase will help support all the work going on behind the scenes of 'Accepting the Gift' and allow us to provide more resources and support to you.

Email me at with your order number to get access to the talks (and if you've already purchased the talks, you will be emailed my free 21 day gratitude journal- just let me know your preference). This workbook will be available for purchase after the bundle sale, but without the conference talks. Any other questions? Drop me a message and know that if you're not 100 percent satisfied with your purchase, Ultimate Bundles offers a 30 day money back guarentee. I'd love to hear how the workbook helps you and if there's any other products you'd like to see developed for the Accepting the Gift apostolate. From all of us here, thank you!

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