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Religious Education Curriculum

Every child should be exposed to the beauty and fullness of their Catholic faith. Ideally, our children will be included in religious education at our parish. However, if your parish doesn't know how to adapt to meet the unique needs of your child, Accepting the Gift has created a religious education curriculum you can use at home. 

Our program offers ten months of lessons and hands-on activities that can be easily adapted to meet the need of your child. Our curriculum guide offers lessons for parents to read aloud, and our workbook includes activities for each section with detailed instructions, templates, and pictures. Parents can rest easy knowing that their child is getting a thorough religious education. Our book of saints, friends & intercessors is a wonderful supplement that  provides year round stories and activities that can introduce your children to our friends in heaven. Use it in addition to our curriculum, as a stand alone program, or as summer enrichment.

Check out our books! 

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